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    24 Bit Fingerprint Sensor Smart Key Cabinet



           Boyue Zhizao "RFID smart key cabinet" is a professional management key cabinet that combines RFID radio frequency induction technology and computer information management system, and is specially designed for users with large-scale key management needs. As a result, an intelligent management system that can realize remote application, approval, record query, online monitoring and other functions has been developed, which integrates key issuance, collection, storage and recording.

       The (RFID) smart key locker is equipped with double key management function, fingerprint authentication, (face recognition, fingerprint + password, swipe card) can be used to open the key locker and retrieve the key.

    1. Product parameters of smart key cabinet :

    master Industrial computer, touch screen all-in-one machine  7-inch touch screen, 10-inch touch screen optional
    Number of keys 24 bit (customizable)
    host configuration 4418 A9 1.5GHz   2G+32G 
    system Linux or WINDOWS 
    power supply 12V
    verification method Fingerprint, swipe card (customized optional: fingerprint, face, password, swipe card, QR code)
    Digital Tube optional
    Power consumption Input voltage 12V, power consumption 18W
    Cabinet material 1.0 high quality cold rolled steel plate
    key identification form RFID tag electronic identity reading
    camera function Fisheye camera (optional)
    Dimensions Height 570mm *width 808mm*depth 350mm (support customization)
    Secondary development Support secondary development customization or OEM

    2. Operation process of smart key cabinet - key collection:

    1. The key is used;

    2. Staff fingerprint verification;

    3. After the fingerprint verification is passed, open the main cabinet door and start the video camera function at the same time;

    4. After the key is received, it will automatically display that the key has been received and generate a key usage record;

    5. When the authorized use authority is correct, the smart cabinet will automatically open the use authority of the key cabinet;

    6. Swipe the card to determine the identity information of the recipient, and approve the use authority;

    7. Close the cabinet door and stop the video recording at the same time, that is, the receiving process is completed.

    3. Smart key cabinet - key return operation process:

    1. Return the key;

    2. Staff fingerprint verification;

    3. After the fingerprint verification is passed, open the main cabinet door and start the video camera function at the same time;

    4. The indicator light of the key storage location flashes at the same time, guiding the location of the storage location;

    5. The staff swipe the key card to obtain the electronic identity information of the key;

    6. The staff swipe the work card and * the staff identity information;

    7. Close the cabinet door and stop the video recording at the same time, that is, the return process is completed.

    Fourth, the software function introduction:

    1. The smart key cabinet can strictly manage the authorized keys.

    2. Real-time presence detection of RFID keys, remote query of key usage, automatic recording of key usage logs, abnormal alarm records, identification of true and false keys, double verification to open cabinets, binding keys to take photos, WeChat applet scan code to open the door to retrieve keys.

    3. Can manage the relevant information of all management personnel, including: management personnel's name, card reading information, key number under management, etc.

    4. The smart key cabinet adopts a safety electric control lock: only authorized users can open it.

    5. Record all operations of the system, with retrieval and printing functions; corresponding reports can be generated according to the RFID key number, user or time.

    6. The smart key cabinet can be equipped with a backup battery, and when the system is powered off for a long time, the lithium battery can still keep the memory.

    7. The smart key cabinet can be equipped with digital tubes, with low power consumption. The key location can be quickly inquired.

    8. Each key position is equipped with an LED indicator light. When the key cabinet is retrieved, the LED light flashes. When the key is returned by mistake, the LED light has a warning state.

    9. The smart keychain can provide a variety of colors, the keychain stainless steel ring seals the key once, and the RFID electronic identity tag is implanted in the smart keychain, which can be hung and placed without contact to identify the electronic identity information of the key.

    10. The mobile phone approval process can be used to control the retrieval and return of keys.

    5. Application scenarios:

    Public security system, troops, enterprises and institutions, residential properties, automobile 4S shops, hotels, hospitals, libraries, airports, etc.

    6. The color of the smart key cabinet is optional:

    Key cabinet color optional

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